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Released on: December 21, 2017


Usability improvements
  • Improved wording on text that appears in the Concept Modeling menu item for a property to specify whether a property constraint is sufficient.

  • Making a generalization {sufficient} provides for correct support for an Aristotelian subclass definition, where the subclass is equivalent to the intersection of all of its sufficient conditions.

  • Changing a Concept Modeling environment option unlocks an experimental CCM wizard that transforms a concept model into an information model.

OWL import improvements
  • Support for import of Aristotelian definitions.

  • Reimporting a cascade of restrictions will no longer recreate UML elements in the model or affect a diagram unless something more substantial than cardinality has changed in the imported OWL.

OWL export improvements
  • Support for export of Aristotelian definitions.
Bug fixes
  • Import of a cascaded restriction containing Importing more than two nested restrictions will successfully import the entire cascaded restrictionlevels of cascaded restrictions no longer truncates the additional levels.

  • Importing a an owl:hasValue restriction will now result in a warning message being written to the loginstead of a silent failure.

  • When moving elements an element between models, comments that have that element as annotated element, move to the same model as the elementannotate that element are no longer left behind.

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