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Released on: December 18, 2017

In this release, some critical program issues (starting or causing unexpected behavior of the program) have been fixed. There are also many enhancements and fixes related to model consistency, customization, validation and collaborative work.  Download it today at, or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook. Please check the latest documentation and additional resources.

Key Issues Fixed in this Service Pack

Modeling UPDM 3 related issues

  • Fixed the issue in the Activity Diagram where several Output Pins to call a Behavior are created instead of one.
  • You can select properties of a custom type element to display as columns of the Generic table. 
  • Users are warned about the limitation of reversing the flow direction if the flow source and target are the same elements.
  • In tables, you can simply select a cell when pasting a group of words, instead of pasting a cursor in it.
  • The size of Requirement shapes no longer changes to default if you align the Requirement diagram in the Grid Layout type and set the Make Preferred Size option to false.
  • Eliminated he ability to add  Entry/Exit Point to State or Transition. To meet UML specification, you can add an Entry/Exit Point to the Composite or Orthogonal State. 
  • Fixed the issue related to losing the Sync Element property value after converting an Input Pin to a Value Pin in the Activity Diagram.
  • In Object Diagram, you can assign several classifier types to one Instance Specification.

DSL related issues

  • Evaluating expressions in JRuby language: a parameter THIS is always available.
  • Derived properties defined as an Integer type: the Long type value returned by the JRuby script of the derived property expression is converted to Integer.
  • Automatic numbering of custom elements: the continuity of unique IDs for every new instance of the custom element is correct in all numbering schemes.

Collaboration related issues

  • Enhanced performance of updating Used Projects by optimizing diagram-related operations.
  • Connectors can no longer be locked without their classifiers while mapping port types. This prevents automatically locking irrelevant connectors.
  • Fixed displaying dates of the Norwegian, Bokmal (Norway) format in server project dialogs.
  • Updated the locking mechanism to prevent lock-stealing related issues after saving a model containing locked elements as an offline project. 
  • Fixed the issue related to opening a server project after it was saved and edited offline and thus treating it as outdated.
  • Added the progress bar to show indexing progress when importing a server project with a deep hierarchical structure to the DataHub.
  • Fixed issue with potentially failing commits after changing package permissions.

Model validation issues

  • Updated the No Type for Parameter UML completeness validation rule. 
  • Fixed the spell check issue for validating tagged values.
  • Enhanced validation rules to detect issues related to invalid item flow direction.
  • The validation doesn't fail for the Connector between properties typed by Component or Class because nested property path is now calculated for them.

Other issues

  • Full element names (without ellipsis) are visible in the column names while printing matrices in PDF. The issue appeared depending on the screen resolution. Now it is solved.
  • You can generate an html report from thousands of files with the Web Publisher 2.0 template from the command line.
  • Z ordering of dialog windows issues are fixed in the native full screen mode in Mac OS X.
  • The SysMLProfile class in OpenAPI now matches the SysMLprofile.mdzip URI

    • The internal error no longer appears while creating a tag value for the Concern List.
    • The inherited Exchanges are now displayed when the aggregating element is connected with the inherited element.

    • The modeling tool no longer freezes after adding a larger number of capabilities to the Gantt chart.

    • The issue concerning correct perspective detection while switching frameworks has been fixed.

    UPDM 2 related issues

    • The Constraint Property stereotype is now applied when dragging a constraint block onto a diagram. The NestedConnectorEnd stereotype is applied for binding connector roles and the Element Property Path is set correctly.

    SysML related issues

    • The unhandled exception no longer appears when changing the type for a Part Property with the Port typed by the same type as Part Property.

    Performance related issues

    • Solved the memory leak issue concerned to Mac OS X.
    • A drop-down menu for choosing commands in the Find and Find and Replace dialog text boxes now works in Mac OS.
    • Fixed the issue of text in shapes of images exported in the .svg format not shown correctly in Chrome or Firefox browsers.
    • Fixed the issue causing collapse of expanded elements in the Model Browser while switching between projects.
    • Fixed the issue related to selecting several elements in the Validation Results window to apply the same solver.
    • Created a passive validation rule to check if a Member of an Index is from the same table.
    • Solved some critical program issues related to stability of common operations and general performance while working with server projects in Teamwork Cloud server, including:
      • Enhancing performance of updating Used Projects by optimizing element-level operations.
      • Clearing the local cache more effectively now by removing unused server projects and their earlier versions.
      • Solving issues related to selecting symbols on diagrams and causing performance degradation of the modeling tool.
      • Fixing the issue related to losing references when a project is selected to be used in other project.

    Diagramming related issues

    • After a State Machine is copied, the references from original substates now remain to the original State Machine and not to a copy.
    • Relation properties can now be copied and pasted in MagicDraw tables.
    • Handled unexpected expanding of symbol labels on State symbols after changing the property Show Element Properties. Labels are displayed correctly on the diagram now.
    • When reconnecting the Connector to another Port using API, checking the arbitrary nested Port depth, full property path, and Part with Port are now performed to ensure correct visualization on the diagram.
    • Provided proper navigation information for Message labels in the Sequence diagrams images generated during publishing to Cameo Collaborator.
    • Fixed the issue causing an incorrect Type being set for an element in cases when the element has a colon : sign(s) in its name.

    • Fixed the issue of a Connector type not being displayed on the diagram after selecting not to show a name of the Connector.
    • There was an issue - table columns represented by stereotype tags became invalid after setting the stereotype customization. Now it fixed, and all columns represented by tags as properties are available just after setting the customization property HideMetatype to true.

    Report Wizard related issues

    • Added a new function $report.filterClassName(elementList, classNames) for retrieving a list of desired elements by specifying class names while generating reports. It solved an issue of some customized elements not being added to the report.

    Other issues

    • After a stereotype is applied to an element, newly added stereotype properties are now ordered the same way as specified in the stereotype.
    • Recursive child elements are numbered from a defined initial value correctly now.


    You can check the list of publicly available issues or your own reported issues fixed in Cameo Enterprise Architecture 18.5 SP3. 
    Note: You will be required to login. Use the same username and password as for

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