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Released on: July 2, 2018

Performance improvement

Cameo DataHub 19.0 has tremendously improved its performance when compared to its 18.5 version predecessor in terms of operation time utilized. The overall performance rate is noticeably more effective than the previous versions.

A line chart of performance improvement of DataHub 19.0 compared to the 18.5 version on importing and synchronization with changes.

Generic OSLC Provider support

Cameo DataHub 19.0 now adds the ability to consume OSLC data from any OSLC-compliant Provider. It is now possible not just to establish links between model elements and elements provided by an OSLC Provider but also have OSLC previews about remote elements from within MagicDraw environment.  Learn more about OSLC >>

The steps of establishing links between model elements and OSLC resources are as follows.

After you have created the link to an element to the OSLC resource, you can preview the OSLC resource in the OSLC Preview tab.

OSLC preview is provided by a specified OSLC Provider.

A new authentication URL interface to add Data Sources for DOORS Next Generation with different authentication types

There are more authentication options for DOORS Next Generation.

  • With the simple Login form, you can add Data Sources for IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation with specifying an authentication URL to optionally support any available dedicated authentication servers.
  • With OAuth consumer key authorization, you can perform the authentication to more securely protected servers.

Learn how to add Data Sources for IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation >>

The Authentication URL support with the Login authentication type in the Add Data Source dialog.

The OAuth consumer key authentication type in the Add Data Source dialog.

Property value conversion

Selecting property value conversion rule is now possible when you synchronize mapping Enumeration data or values of source attributes to flexibly convert them to target Enumeration values. Learn more about property value conversion >>

Converting Rule Editor in the scheme of converting source attribute values to target attribute values.

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