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Publishing a model from the graphical user interface is a quick way to share it on the web with other team members or stakeholders.

titlePublishing prerequisites

To be able to publish models to Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud:

  • The Cameo Collaborator Publisher plugin must be installed in your modeling tool.
  • You must log in to Teamwork Cloud.
  • You need to have user permissions to publish models.
  • The model you are trying to publish must be stored in Teamwork Cloud. If you want to publish a local model, first add it to Teamwork Cloud.
  • If you intend to publish a large model, increase the default JVM heap size of the Cameo Collaborator Publisher plugin as follows:
    1. Go to the <modeling tool installation directory>/plugins/com.nomagic.collaborator.publisher directory and open:
      • The publish.bat fileon Windows.

      • The fileon OS X or Linux.
    2. Increase the -Xmx value, e.g., -Xmx4000M. It is recommended to set a larger heap size value than the one defined for your modeling tool.

    3. Save and close the file.

  • Depending on the size of the model you intend to publish, allocate a sufficient amount of memory to your modeling tool:
    • 2 million element model - 55 GB of RAM

    • 1 million element model - 38 GB of RAM

    • 500k element model - 28 GB of RAM

titleProject permissions

When you publish a new document, it inherits Teamwork Cloud project permissions. When you update a document, project permissions are not affected.

To publish a model to Cameo Collaborator for TWC

  1. Start your modeling tool and open the model you want to publish.

  2. In the main menu, select Tools > Cameo CollaboratorPublish to Teamwork Cloud.
  3. In the Cameo Collaborator Publisher dialog, specify the following properties:
    • Document name - enter the name of the published document. By default, the document name is the same as the model name.
    • Category name - select the Teamwork Cloud category where the published document will be stored.

    • Scope - click  and select the Package or several Packages containing the data you want to publish.

    • Template - select the template for publishing the model. You can select one of the predefined templates or a custom template used in your model. Click  if you want to select a locally stored template or a template stored in Teamwork Cloud.

      title Updating projects

      If you update a published model, specify the same template that you used before. Otherwise, the navigation between comments and commented items will be corrupted. To restore corrupted navigation, update the document again using the initial template.

  4. In the same dialog, do the following (optional):
    • Select the Disable comments check box if you do not want reviewers to comment in the published document.

    • Select the Update previously published project check box if you want the current model to replace a previously published model with the same name. If you select this check box when publishing a model for the first time, the model will be published as new.

      titleProjects reverted to an earlier version

      When publishing, the selected template is automatically used in your model and then committed to Teamwork Cloud. If you update a model that has been reverted to an earlier version (without the template used in it), you will corrupt the navigation between existing comments and commented items. Afterwards, navigation cannot be restored.

  5. Click the Publish button.

The Cameo Collaborator Publisher dialog with specified publishing properties.

Wait until you get the message that the document is successfully published, as publishing a large model may take some time.

titleGetting document URL

The message that a document is successfully published contains links allowing you to copy the document URL or open it. For the links to work, in the main menu, select Options > Environment, select the Cameo Collaborator option group on the left side of the Environment Options dialog, and specify Cameo Collaborator URL.

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