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Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer

Released on: November 21, 2019

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ISO 26262 Functional Safety Plugin

From version 19.0 SP3 the Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer Plugin can be used together with a brand new ISO 26262 Functional Safety Plugin. This plugin tightly integrates functional safety with MBSE (requires SysML plugin or Cameo Systems Modeler) and supports the ISO 26262 standard (the adaptation of IEC 61508) designed to comply with needs specific to the application sector of Electric & Electronic (E/E) systems within road vehicles. The ISO 26262 Functional Safety Plugin provides end-users with the means to perform hazard analysis and risk assessment:

  • Define Malfunctioning Behaviors for each Function

  • Specify an Operational Condition Library

  • Define Operational Situations as a combination of Conditions

  • Combine Malfunctioning Behaviors with Operational Situations to define Accident Scenarios

  • Specify a Hazard Library

  • Define System Level and Vehicle Level Effects

  • Combine Hazards, Effects, and Accident Scenarios into Hazardous Events

The plugin also provides a way to define functional safety concepts (safety requirements and perform ASIL decomposition) as well as generate safety reports. 

A HARA Table allows you to define Hazardous Events as a combination of Hazards, Effects, and an Accident Scenario. The description area shows all the information about the selected Hazardous Event.

Learn how to use the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Plugin >>

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