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Released on: February 1, 2016

Interface Control Document (ICD) Tables

It couldn’t be simpler to create Interface Control Document (ICD) tables! Comprehensive views of system interfaces are placed in Blackbox and Whitebox ICD Tables. Collect all external Ports and interfaces of the Block by creating a Blackbox ICD Table. Whitebox ICD Table focuses on Connectors between Parts.

You are free to customize both tables according to your needs and simply export them to .html, .csv, or .xlsx files.

Blackbox ICD Table. Learn more >>

Whitebox ICD Table. Learn more >>

Rollup Pattern Wizard

Using the automatic Rollup Pattern wizard you are able to model much easier, faster and less prone to error! The Rollup Pattern wizard automatically applies pattern Blocks (using the Generalization) to a single Block or multiple Blocks recursively, and creates property values.

Learn more >>

Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) Standard Support

Models that are exported from any other tools to FMI standard (.fmu files) can now be represented as SysML Blocks by dragging .fmu files to the Block Definition Diagrams.

You are free to execute one fmu Block or co-simulate cooperated fmu Blocks using Cameo Simulation Toolkit.

Learn more >>

Automatic Creation of Ports

Simple and quick creation of Ports ensures an efficient interface modeling in Internal Block Definition diagram. Just drag Interface Block directly on the Connector on the diagram pane. With only one drag you:

  • Create Ports at both ends of the Connector.
  • Set types (interfaces) of Ports.
  • Set directions of Ports.
  • Keep layout of the Connector.

Learn more >>


  • From now on, only value and constraint properties are selected by default in the Display Parts dialog of the Parametric Diagram.
  • Now only parts are selected by default in the Display Lifelines dialog of the Sequence Diagram.
  • Allocated Activity Partition command is now available for multiple selected partitions.
  • Empty role names are auto-named after Block name is specified.