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titleCache error occurred. How to handle it?

Close your modeling tool, delete all cache folders and start the program again.
Cache folders can be found in <user home directory>\.<modeling tool>\<version number>, for example <userhome>\.magicdraw\<18.2>.

If the problem still exists, please add the option into the JAVA_ARGS line in the modeling tool properties file, for example A properties file is in <modeling tool installation directory>\bin.

See the example:

JAVA_ARGS=-Xmx4000M -XX\:PermSize\=60M -XX\:MaxPermSize\=200M -DLOCALCONFIG\=true -Dfile.encoding\=UTF-8 -splash\:data/splash.png -Dmd.class.path\=$java.class.path -Dcom.nomagic.osgi.config.dir\=configuration -Desi.system.config\=data/application.conf -Dlogback.configurationFile\=data/logback.xml -Xss1024K 

titleHow do I turn on debug log mode?

To initialize log4j, open <MagicDraw installation directory>/data, and modify the file.

Change the debug level for appropriate categories by specifying log4j.category.<category>=DEBUG or turn on debug for all categories log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG,SO.


titleMagicDraw 17.0.4 can be started neither on Mac OS X Lion nor on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. JRELoadError appears when trying to start the application. How can this be handled?

The error appears because the file cannot find the installed Java 6.

To handle the problem, please use one of the following workarounds:

  • Start MagicDraw using the mduml* file that can be found in <MagicDraw installation folder>/bin.
  • Install Java 6 in your computer and use the file to start MagicDraw 17.0.4.

This issue will be fixed in MagicDraw 17.0.5.


* If you are using MagicDraw 17.0.5 or later, the name of the property file is


titleThe file list dialog on Mac OS X doesn't respond appropriately when selecting folders

Fix for this problem is described at

To solve the problem:

  1. Open the file, which is located in <MagicDraw* installation directory>/bin.
  2. From the JAVA_ARGS= line, remove the -splash\:data/splash.gif parameter

After this fix, on MagicDraw* startup, the spash screen will not be displayed for a few second, but the open file list dialog refresh problem will be solved.

The fix is sheduled into the nearest release.