UPDM 2 Plugin 18.5 Documentation

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 Released on: February 20, 2017


 UPDM 2 Plugin 18.5 adds brand new feature to enhance your enterprise architecture (EA) modeling experience in MagicDraw. 18.5 provides you with the opportunity to try out the Reverse Information Flow. This new feature added to UPDM 2 Plugin assure us that your EA modeling experience will be enhanced, and make you even more productive. Download it today at nomagic.com or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.


Reverse Information Flow Direction

You can now reverse the Operational Exchange and the Resource Exchange directions. In a diagram, right-click to select the flow, and, from the shortcut menu, choose Refactor > Reverse Flow Direction. The flow directions are updated in all the related diagrams.

An example of the reversed Operational Exchange direction

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