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Entries in the operation compartment are strings that show the operations defined on classes as well as those that are supplied by the classes. An operation is a service that can be requested to perform by an instance of the class. It has a name and a list of arguments.

Usually, class attributes are accessed through the operations. The operations are used to perform specific actions, such as system calls, utility functions, and queries. The operation signature provides all information needed to use that operation.

You can specify operation properties in the operation Specification window. In the same window, you can find the description of each property. Descriptions are presented in the description area of the Specification window.


To create a new operation, do one of the following

  • On the diagram, select the class and click Create Element > Operation.
  • In the class Specification window > Operations property group, click the Create button.
  • In the Containment tree, from the class shortcut menu, select Create Element > Operation.
  • On the diagram, select the class and press the Ctrl+Alt+O.


To define the type of an operation, do one of the following

  • Select an operation, type ":" and then the type. If you add a non-existent type, a new class is created for that type.

    After typing the ":", press Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Backspace to get a list of suggested types.

  • In the Operation Specification window, the Type property, select the operation type.


To quickly create a behavior or a diagram for an operation

  1. From the operation shortcut menu, select Create Method and either Behavior, or Diagram.
  2. Select one of either behaviors or diagrams you wish to create.


To add an operation parameter, do one of the following

  • In the Operation Specification windowParameters property group, click the Create button.
  • On the diagram, select an operation and type a parameter text in parenthesis.
  • Select an operation in the Containment tree and for the shortcut menu, select Create Element > Parameter.



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