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Released on: July 29, 2016

UPDM 3 Plugin is a Technology Preview


UPDM 3 Plugin 18.4 adds all new features to enhance your enterprise architecture (EA) modeling experience in MagicDraw. Most notable is the addition of support for Unified Architecture Framework (UAF), which unites other EA frameworks by using a common grid pattern of views and viewpoints. This is just one of the new features which make us confident that UPDM version 18.4 will enhance your EA modeling experience, making you even more productive. Download it today at nomagic.com or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.









Parts and Ports Management




Managing and creating Parts and Ports in all UPDM internal diagrams (e.g., SV-2 Systems Internal Resource Flow Description )  has been simplified by combining the Select Parts and Select Ports dialogs into a new Display Parts/Ports dialog. This new dialog and  Display Related Elements button  allows you to display Parts/Ports and nested Parts/Ports, as well as hide Ports. New functionality has been added to allow bulk display of Parts and Ports based on metatype and custom stereotypes. These new features allow for a simpler workflow and increased speed and accuracy of internal structure creation.








Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Support




The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Support is the next generation framework from the creators of UPDM 2.0. UAF unites DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework), MODAF (UK Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework), NAF (NATO Architecture Framework) and other frameworks by using a common grid pattern of views and viewpoints. UAF adds several new viewpoints to UPDM, extending its applicability to new modeling domains. UAF also reuses elements and concepts from SysML such as requirements and parametrics. 

UAF can be used to design and model architectures for a broad range of complex systems. It provides, as applicable, modeling for security controls, threat, risk, and risk mitigation. UAF allows for defining consistent architectures for System-of-Systems (SoS) across the entire lifecycle from design to implementation. A variation of UAF is applicable to Enterprise Architecture, and is designed for enterprise and IT architecture modeling. It includes essential elements needed for defining capabilities, requirements, operational behaviors, resources (hardware, software, facility), data, and personnel. Generally, the UAF is designed for those who focus on industry and federal as well as military usage when trying to ensure effective communication, faster collaboration and interoperability between nations, industry, government and industry.







Figure 1: Grid of a Unified Architecture Framework (UAF).






New Resource Assignment Wizard




A new Resource Assignment Wizard opens automatically when selecting resource for the Version Of Configuration in UPDM3 plugin diagrams:


Resource Assignment Wizard

Figure 2: new Resource Assignment Wizard in SV-8 Systems Evolution description diagram (DoDAF). 







  • SV-8 Systems Evolution Description (DoDAF).
  • SV-8 Capability Configuration Management (MODAF).
  • NSV-8 System Evolution Description (NAF).
  • Pr Configuration Management (NAF 4.0).

The new Resource Assignment Wizard reduces the number of steps when assigning resources for Version Of Configuration in a specified time frame.







More Improvements



Updates to our Validation Rules increase the chances of automatically catching errors at the beginning of the modeling process. By enforcing model correctness, this new feature saves time, and ensures the quality of the model.

Learn more about Validation Rules >>




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