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Resource Manager functionality allows you to manage local resources (installed with a modeling tool or downloaded separately) and resources available on the web.

With Resource Manager you can manage different types of resources, such as Profiles, Plugins, Templates, Language resources, Case studies/examples, Custom diagrams, and others.

The Resource Manager functionality allows you to:

  • Find needed resources and download or update them
  • See the resource descriptions
  • Create your own resources and share them
  • Check resource dependency in the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog.

Using the Resource/Plugin Manager, you can import add-ons in a .zip format to your modeling tool.

To open the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog

  • From the Help menu, select Resource/Plugin Manager

The Resource/Plugin manager dialog.

To see the resource details

  1. In the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog, select the necessary plugin or other resource.
  2. Click Details. The dialog expands with the resource description at the bottom.

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