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To apply an image on a symbol, do either

  • Use Image Library tab tree:
    1) From the Window menu, select Image Library. The Image Library tab opens on the right side of the window.
    2) Select the image you want to apply from the  Image Library tab  tree.
    3) Drag the image directly:
          - on the symbol to apply it.
          - on the diagram pane to create an image shape.
  • Use the Select Image dialog:
    1) Open the Select Image dialog by doing one of the following: 
                - Select Class, Actor, Port, Block, Part, Node, Performer, Concept Role, Stereotype, or Text Box ((HTML Text) on the diagram pane and click Image Library on the smart manipulator toolbar.

    Only mentioned elements support the Image Library button on the smart manipulator by default. You can customize the smart manipulator of any other element.

               - Open the Specification window of any element, select Image (Icon for Stereotype) property cell and click Image Library.
    2) Select the image you want to apply.
    Select Image dialog
    3) Click OK.

The image is applied on symbol.

The illustration displays concepts from SysML Plugin.


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