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You can save configuration files in the modeling tool installation directory or on your chosen directory.

To store configuration files in the modeling tool installation directory add argument into JAVA_ARGS line in file *.properties* (this file is in \bin):

NOTE: For Windows users. If you are using modeling tool of version 17.0.4 or later, you must also add argument

To store configuration files to your chosen location

  1. In the /.<modeling tool name>/ folder, create file named  <modeling tool properties file name> redirect, that is magicdrawredirectcameoearedirectcsmredirect, or cbmredirect.
  2. In the created file, type absolute (for example, C:\users\john\Documents) or relative (relative to modeling tool installation directory, for example, ..\configurations) path where configuration and auxiliary files will be saved.


  1. Open the *.properties* file, which is located in \bin.
  2. Add the parameter value to the end of the line started with JAVA_ARGS= -Dlocalconfig.location=<absolute path to a custom location>

For example, -Dlocalconfig.location\=C\:\\MagicDraw\\configurationData

NOTE: If there is defined to store files in installation directory (see the section "To store MagicDraw configuration files in MagicDraw installation directory" above), files will not be stored to your chosen location.

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I have installed and activated one of your modelling tools as the administrator. When I had logged into my regular account, my modeling tool asked for a license key file and for the license activation again. How can I escape the license activation on the same machine twice?

The proper way to activate the license is to install the application as the administrator, then to login as a regular user, which will use the tool, and proceed with the license activation process.

The particular user licensing information is stored in the user home directory. So if you want that the application which has already been activated from the administrator account would not require the license activation from the user account on the same machine, you should change the licensing information storage place.

You can store the licensing information in the MagicDraw installation directory (the read-write rights are required).

For the instructions on how to change the configuration files directory, please find the issue "In our company the storage of user home directory is limited. How to force to keep configuration files in other directory?"

Note: It is important to know that the MagicDraw seat license can be used by a single user only.

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