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Released on: July 29, 2016




Cameo DataHub 18.4 expands MagicDraw's official integration driver library to include HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suite, and incorporates performance improvements for our DOORS NG integration. We are confident that the improvements and tools included in DataHub version 18.4 will help you collaborate more efficiently with even more tools across your entire lifecycle platform. Get it today on or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.







Support for HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suite



The latest external application to be supported by Cameo DataHub is the HP Application Lifecycle Management Suite. All data copy and synchronization features of Cameo DataHub that work with DOORS and CSV files will be available for HP ALM data sources as well. To better manage viewing and editing of Defects from an HP ALM repository, we have also introduced an environment variable to control paging size. Since only a subset of the data is fetched each time, speed and response time is considerably improved. This addition is just one of many planned additions to DataHub to make your models more interconnected with tools across your entire engineering platform.









Figure 1: The Cameo DataHub  Add Data Source dialog showing the addition of an HP ALM data source.



Performance Improvements



Overall performance while working with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation has been significantly improved as of this release.


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