Released on: July 29, 2016





SysML Plugin 18.4 improves our industry leading Model Based Engineering platform, giving you new ways to efficiently construct internal block diagrams, clarify the unit of your values, and create constraint parameters automatically. These are some of the new features which make us confident that SysML Plugin version 18.4 will enhance your systems modeling experience. Download it today at or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.







Parts and Ports Management




The MagicDraw Parts and Ports management functionality works in two SysML diagrams: Internal Block Definition (IBD) and Parametric (PAR). In IBDs, it is now possible to display existing ports and properties when selecting them by kinds (e.g. Part property, Proxy Port) and applied custom stereotypes (e.g. mechanical, electrical, optical). In PARs, you can display existing Constraint Parameters and Constraint Properties using the new Display Parameters/Properties dialog instead of the Select Parameters dialog. All of these features provide a simpler workflow and significantly increase the speed and accuracy of internal structure creation. 






Figure 1: new dialog of SysML Parametric diagram.





Learn more about Parts and Ports Management in IBD >> 

Learn more about displaying Properties and Parameters in PAR >>

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Displaying and Specifying Units




 In version 18.4, you can display and specify units next to values, and specify directly on Value Specifications by enabling two new options:

  • Show Units option in the Project Options dialog.
  • Show Units on Values option in the Instance table.

This new feature enable you to see units, and to change them quickly in appropriate locations.


Figure 2: shows the ability to change already displayed unit directly on the Instance Specification shape: from gram to kilogram.







Learn more about Displaying and Specifying Units >>

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Quick Creation of Constraint Parameters



The new Parse and Create Parameters button allows you to quickly parse and create Constraint Parameters. The button appears on the Smart Manipulator toolbar of the Constraint Property shape after creating or editing a Constraint Expression. Compared to previous versions, the number of steps to create Constraint Parameters is greatly reduced, and modeling in Parametric diagram is significantly faster.




Figure 3:  shows the fragment of Coffee Machine sample which appears after installing the SysML plugin.




Learn more about the Quick Creation of Constraint Parameters >>

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More Improvements



Users can now set or change the direction prefix (in, out, or inout) of the flow property by editing it directly in the compartments area of the Block (or its subtypes) shape.

  • Users are now able to hide the direction arrow on the port shape by setting the Show Port Direction property value to false in the Symbol Properties dialog of the selected port. The direction arrow of the Full Port shape is hidden by default. Learn more about hiding direction arrow on port shape >>
  • Users can now convert a Signal element to a BlockLearn more about converting elements >>   
  • A Composite Association is now created automatically when you create a Part Property. To disable this option, set the Create Association on Part Creation property value to false (it is true  by default) in the Project Options dialog. 
  • The SysML profile URI has been updated to the latest published version of SysML 1.4 (