This UserGuide provides information about administrating MagicDraw Teamwork Server.

For information about working with Teamwork Server form the client side, that is modeling tools developed by No Magic, Inc. - MagicDraw, Cameo System Modeler, or Cameo Enterprise Architecture, please refer to Collaborative modeling.

With MagicDraw Teamwork Server you can assign as many developers as needed to work simultaneously on the same project using multiple workstations. The resulting server project is saved on the server for sharing with other MagicDraw® applications. Users with administrator rights can create new users by creating a name and assigning various permissions to work on projects. The permissions assigned will determine whether the new user can update, commit, edit, create, and delete model elements, diagrams, and projects.

To enable Teamwork support, you should install and run MagicDraw Teamwork Server. Each modeling tool application is a client of Teamwork Server.

The following demo will help you understand how to work with the Teamwork Server:

The Teamwork Server functionality is available with modeling tool client Standard, Professional, Architect, and Enterprise editions only.