UML is a general purpose visual modeling language for specifying, constructing and documenting the artifacts of systems that can be used with all major application domains and implementation platforms. It has been widely adopted by both industry and academia as the standard language for describing software systems.

MagicDraw UML tool provides ability to use DSL engine for adapting domain specific profiles to create your own custom diagrams, custom specification dialogs, custom real-time semantic rules and other. In other words user is able to create low-budget specialized domain-specific tool and hide UML underneath. 

DSL customization is model-driven approach, based on UML profiling.

Basic concepts



Domain Specific Language

Stereotyped element

An element with not customized stereotype applied.

Customization element

An element in which the customization data is specified. You can create the customization element by using a Profile diagram.

Customization data

A collection of properties and attributes of the Customization element.

Customization model

A collection of customization elements.

DSL element

An element with the applied customization data.