Let's say you want to augment the SysML Requirements diagram pallet by adding three new buttons for DSL element types: one – for the User Needs element type, other – for the System Requirement element type, and another – for the Component Requirement element type.


  1. Open for edit the customization profile.
  2. Create a Profile diagram or just open an existing one.
  3. Create a customization.
  4. Set the DSL element type as the customization target.

    Drag the DSL element type to the shape of the newly created customization element.

  5. Create the Place on Diagram Pallet attribute for the customization.

    1. Open the Specification window of the customization element.
    2. Select Attributes on the left side of the window.
    3. Click the Create button and then select Place on Diagram Pallet (see the following figure).
    4. Type the new attribute name (this is optional, since the name is not visible anywhere in UI, except the attribute Specification window).

    Creating a Place on Diagram Pallet attribute

  6. In the Specification window of the Place on Diagram Pallet attribute, select the cell of the the Place property value, and click .
  7. In the open dialog, select the diagram type, whose pallet you want to customize.
  8. In the same dialog, with the help of the Up and Down buttons specify the position of the new button on the pallet.
  9. If you want to add several new buttons and organize them into a group on the pallet, create a new Group package by clicking the Create Group button (see the screenshot on the left). As a result, the button of the DSL element type appears under the Group package (see the screenshot on the right).

    Creating a buttons group

  10. Reopen the diagram with applied customization.