Reasons why you cannot invoke the Help can be the following:

1. There is no reference to the topic, or a particular topic does not exist in MagicDraw Help. If a reference to the topic is broken, you can start the MagicDraw Help manually:

1.1. On the Help menu, click Help Content. The MagicDraw Help opens.

1.2. Browse in the help content or use a keyword to search for a particular topic.

Please let us know about broken links by contacting our customer support.

2. The communication with a server through Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is broken. Please do the following:

2.1. Open the* file. You can find the file in \bin.

2.2. To the JAVA_ARGS line, add a value -Dnostubfixing\=true, as it shown in the following example:

JAVA_ARGS=-Xmx1200M -XX\:PermSize\=60M -XX\:MaxPermSize\=200M -Dnostubfixing\=true

If the problem still persists, please contact our support team and attach the following files:



You can find these files in one of the following ways:

Go to \.magicdraw\.

On the Help menu, click About MagicDraw. In the About dialog, select the Environment tab and then click the link next to Configuration Files.


* If you are using MagicDraw 17.0.5 or later, the name of the property file is