Creating Personnel Roadmap diagram

To create a Personnel Roadmap diagram

    1. Click the Add New button and select Version of Configuration.
    2. Type the name of the newly created Version of Configuration.
  1. Assign the resource for the Version Of Configuration:

    1. Right-click the Version Of Configuration in the diagram pane and select Resource.
    2. Follow the steps of the Resource Assignment Wizard.
    3. Click Finish when you are done.
      The resource is assigned for Version Of Configuration in specified time frame.

Removing Resources from Personnel Roadmap diagram

To remove a Resource

  1. Right-click the Resource bar and from the shortcut menu, select Remove Resource > <name of the resource you want to remove>.

Removing Version of Configurations from Personnel Roadmap diagram

To delete a Version of Configuration

  1. Select a Version of Configuration.
  2. On the diagram toolbar, click the Delete button.