You can copy a user's roles or projects and assign them to another user. This section shows you how to use the button   on the Role Management page to do so.


To copy roles or assignment(s) from one user role to another

  1. On the Role Management page, click   to open the Copy Role Assignment dialog (Figure 1). 

    Figure 1: Copying roles or assignments using the Copy Role Assignment dialog. 

  2. Type a username whose assignment you want to copy (not case-sensitive) in the Source User box and press Enter. You may remove the source user by clicking  or press Backspace on your keyboard. 

    The Source User box is a search box that provides auto-complete suggestions as you type.

  3. Click  to open the User Assignments dialog and see the current roles or projects assigned to the source user (Figure 2).

    Figure 2: Viewing the source user's assignments in the User Assignment dialog. 

  4. In this dialog, you can assign more user roles and projects in addition to the existing ones by selecting the user role checkbox(es) and clicking .
  5. Click  to close the User Assignments dialog.
  6. Click  to open the Add User dialog.
  7. Select one or more users from the list and click . The selected user(s) will appear in the Target User(s) box. You may remove a target user from the list by clicking .
  8. Click  to copy the assignment(s) from the source user to the target user(s).