Alf Plugin

Released on: March 18, 2019

The Alf Plugin version 19.0 SP2 adds an enhancement to the Alf Editor and provides some bug fixes.

Saving from the Alf Editor to Remove an Error Annotation

Sometimes, an element will remain marked with an Alf compilation error annotation, even though, when you look at the Alf code associated with it in the Alf Editor, there are no errors. For example, if you enter Alf code that references a property that does not exist, this will be marked as an error. If you later create a property consistent with the reference in the Alf code, the original error annotation remains, because no dependency of the Alf code on the property could be recorded before the property existed. However, if you then look at the Alf code in the Alf Editor, it will not have any errors.

Previously, it was generally necessary to do a project build to remove such error annotation. Simply trying to save the (now correct) Alf code from the editor had no effect, unless you made some change to the text. In the Alf Plugin 19.0 SP2, however, saving valid Alf code from the editor will now always remove any error annotation on the corresponding model element, even if you have made no changes to the text.

Saving from the Alf Editor to remove an error annotation
Bug Fixes

Bugs have been fixed in the Alf Plugin 19.0 SP2 that previously sometimes caused exceptions when:

  • Using the Alf plugin in a project that defines a profile.
  • Changing the currently selected element.
  • A reception is ill-formed, without a signal reference.