A project in which Alf is to be used can be created using the Alf project template. A project created in this way already has the required Alf Standard Model Library included, and it has the language "Alf" set as the default for the bodies of opaque behaviors, actions and expressions.

To create a project from the Alf template

  1. Select Create New Project under Manage Projects on the Welcome Screen, or select File > New Project on the main menu. The New Project window will open (see the following figure).

  2. On the bottom left, select Project from Template from the Other group (you may need to scroll down).
  3. On the bottom right, under Select template, open the Alf folder and select Alf.
  4. Enter the project name and location in the usual way and click OK.

If you have the Alf Plugin installed, but you are working on a project that does include the Alf Library, then it will not be possible to edit or compile Alf code. To enable the use of Alf in the project, load the Alf Library by selecting Tools > Alf > Load Library.