The Alf Plugin provides a basic Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used to programmatically compile Alf code and import Alf files into a UML model. The Alf API classes are package in the alf_api.jar file located at:

  • <MagicDraw installation directory>/plugins/com.nomagic.magicdraw.alf/alf_api.jar

You can also find JavaDoc for the Alf API at:

  • <MagicDraw installation directory>/openapi/docs/alf/

For general information about creating a new MagicDraw plugin using Open APIs, see the MagicDraw Developer Guide.

Before using the Alf Open API in your Java code, make sure that alf-base.jar, alf.jar and alf_api.jar have all been added to your IDE classpath.

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