Alf (the Action Language for Foundation UML) is a textual language for coding detailed, executable behavior within an overall UML model. Alf is a standard of the Object Management Group (OMG), which is also the organization that maintains the UML specification. Alf is one of a suite of OMG specifications related to defining precise execution semantics for UML, building on the original Foundational UML (fUML) specification.

The Alf Plugin for MagicDraw allows you to use the Alf language within MagicDraw. It implements Alf at what is formally called the "Full Conformance" level. That is, it provides a complete action language for representing behavior within a UML model created in the usual way in MagicDraw.

Within MagicDraw, the Alf Plugin provides both a syntax-aware editor for entering and updating Alf code and a compiler for translating Alf code into fUML activity models. Cameo Simulation Toolkit (CST) provides an engine for executing fUML activities within MagicDraw. Therefore, when used in conjunction with CST, behavioral specifications written using Alf code are fully executable in the context of class, activity and state machine models.

The Alf Users Guide provides basic documentation on how to use the Alf Plugin within MagicDraw. It is not intended as an introduction to Alf and presumes a general understanding of the language and its use within a UML model. It also presumes knowledge of Cameo Simulation Toolkit, in order to execute the models within which Alf is being used. (For more information on the Alf language itself, see the formal Alf specification or the informal Reference Guide provided with the Alf Reference Implementation.)