Cameo Business Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

The Business Process Modeling and Notation is a standard created by the Object Management Group (OMG). BPMN provides the capability of describing internal business procedures in a graphical notation and enables organizations to communicate these procedures in a standard manner. Furthermore, the standardized graphical notation facilitates the understanding of performance collaborations and business transactions between organizations. This ensures that businesses will understand themselves and other business participants better.

The Cameo Business Modeler plugin for MagicDraw provides support for BPMN2 standard, business concepts and organization structure definition, and BMM standard support for business goals definition. It is also includes BPMN model validation, business analysis tables, matrices, relation maps, reports, manuals, samples, and imports from BPMN 1.1 models that have been created with MagicDraw.

Cameo Business Modeler provides capabilities for model exchange via XPDL files import and export, BPMN2 XMI export.

The BPMN2 standard consists of the following three major parts:

  • Process, which shows business processes, events, and messages.
  • Collaboration, which shows how a process is implemented among collaborators and displays details of conversations among participants.
  • Choreography, which provides a view of message/information flows among participants.

The following diagrams are supported:

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