Cameo Business Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) is a serialization format for BPMN. XPDL provides a file format that supports all BPMN process definition description properties. It defines a description of both model element properties and graphical descriptions of the diagram. With XPDL, Cameo Business Modeler can export or import process definitions for or from other products to read. It also allows you to exchange your models with other tools to perform further model simulation, execution, or deployment.

Cameo Business Modeler plugin supports export of BPMN models to XPDL Version 2.2. This version is backward compatible with previous versions of XPDL and can be used to export BPMN2 and BPMN 1.x models.

Cameo Business Modeler supports importing from XPDL Versions 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 to BPMN2. Business process models created with other tools (e.g. Visio, BizAgi, Process Architect, etc) can be imported to Cameo Business Modeler.

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