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The author can utilize the Alfresco sites to share the published project with reviewers. An Alfresco site is a project area where you can share content and collaborate with other site members.

To be able to share the published project in Alfresco site, you must:

Inviting users

When you have a project published to the site, you can invite users or user groups to join this site and review the project. For more information, see Inviting people to a site and Adding groups to a site in Alfresco Community Documentation.

Managing roles and permissions

Each user or user group has an assigned role in the site - Manager, Collaborator, Contributor, or Consumer - and each role has a default set of permissions. This controls the actions with comments the user can perform in all the published projects of that site. However, you can override a user's site role for a particular published project, if you want to give more access to this content compared to what the user can do with other content in the site library.

Let's say there are three published projects in the site library, but you want to allow users to create, reply, and resolve comments only in one of them. The solution is assigning to users a site role with less permissions, that is, Consumer, and then setting a role for one of the projects with more permissions, for example, Collaborator.


To assign a role for the particular content

  1. In the site, click Document Library.
  2. Move the pointer over the published project and click  Manage Permissions.
  3. Click Add User/Group.
  4. Type the name of the user or group you want to define permissions for and click Search or press Enter. The search returns a list of users.
  5. Click Add to place the user or group in the Locally Set Permissions table. The user is given the Contributor role.
  6. Change the role as needed.

    If the user's site role has more permissions than the user's role for the particular content, the user can still perform all the actions allowed by the site role in the particular content. For example, if the user plays the Manager's role in the site and the Contributor's role in the published project, he can still act in this project like the Manager.

  7. Click Save.

Customizing a site

Once you've created a site you can customize it to add extra features.

Each new site contains a library, and the site manager can add other features, such as a wiki, a blog, and a calendar. These features can be further customized by renaming, and creating a theme or color scheme.

For more information, see Customizing a site in Alfresco Community Documentation

Sharing the same project with two different review teams

If you expect the feedback on the published project from two different review teams, do the following:

  1. Create two sites.
  2. Publish the same project to each site.
  3. Invite people from the first review team to one site, and people from the second review team - to another site.

As a result, the teams review the same project and provide the feedback on it separately from each other. The comments provided by different teams do not mix.