Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud is a web-based product designed to present models in a simplified form for stakeholders, sponsors, customers, and engineering teams. The product makes it easy for users to review models and diagrams in a collaborative environment  and keep the entire project team up to date on any changes made in the model. Cameo Collaborator allows to create both textual and graphical comments which significantly improves team collaboration by involving even non-technical team members in the model review process.

See the following video to learn more about Cameo Collaborator for TWC capabilities:

  • Installation and upgrade guide
    Guides through the installation process of Cameo Collaborator for TWC and explains how to install Cameo Collaborator Publisher Plugin.

  • User Guide
    Introduces the main features of Cameo Collaborator for TWC and provides guidelines on how to use it.

  • Administrator Guide
    Provides instructions on how to apply a new license key, set up the product, and describes other administrator related tasks.