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Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud 2021x Documentation

Released on: February 12, 2020

Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud 2021x brings not only a number of new functionalities but also multiple improvements to the features that you already know. With a new version of the product, you can save Cameo Collaborator comments as UML elements in your project, export documents to PDF and HTML formats, add new values to a project right from a Cameo Collaborator document, and more.

Saving Comments as Model Elements

In the previous version of Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, you could work with Collaborator comments in a modeling tool by using the comments panel. However, comments were stored in a Cameo Collaborator document, so you could not use all the benefits of your modeling tool capabilities. In this version of the product, it is possible to save Cameo Collaborator comments as model elements in a project and work with them as you would with any other UML elements. In addition, comments are automatically synchronized between your project and a Cameo Collaborator document every time you commit changes to the server or update the project.

This example shows how you can create comments as model elements and work with them in a modeling tool.

This new functionality opens endless possibilities allowing you to:

  • Create new textual Cameo Collaborator comments and reply to existing ones right in a modeling tool.
  • Modify comments, e.g., change comment status, priority, and even the commented element in the comment Specification window.

  • Validate if all comments have been created correctly and have all the required metadata by using the Collaborator Comments in Project validation suite.
  • Create comment reports displaying Cameo Collaborator comments and their detailed information, such as an author, status, priority, etc.

  • Calculate metrics allowing you to see how many comments are created and resolved or create your own metrics.

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Exporting Documents to PDF and HTML

In this release of Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, we are happy to present a new functionality allowing you to export documents to PDF and HTML formats. This makes information exchange a lot easier because you can save a Cameo Collaborator document as a file and share it via email or any file sharing system. Also, customize a document file by adding a cover page and the table of contents, or choosing what information should be exported. You can export the whole document or just a part of it, such as selected tables, paragraphs, or a specific view.

This example shows a Cameo Collaborator document exported to the PDF format. Only an active document section has been exported.

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New Model Editing Capabilities in Cameo Collaborator

The model editing in Cameo Collaborator functionality has been extended even further. Now you can create paragraphs, values for stereotype tags, the Documentation property, and other textual properties (except slot values) right in a Cameo Collaborator document. This will simplify your workflow because you will no longer need a modeling tool to add new values to your model.

You can create a new stereotype tag value right in a Cameo Collaborator document.

Creating paragraphs.

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Disk Space Usage Improvements

In this release of Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, the number of elements in documents has been significantly reduced and now Cameo Collaborator documents take 40-50% less space in the Teamwork Cloud server.

This chart demonstrates significantly decreased disk space usage in Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud 20.0 after publishing projects of different sizes.

Improved Publishing Performance

In Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud 2021x, the publishing performance has been significantly improved and now takes less time as shown in the charts below. In addition, the amount of memory you need to allocate to your modeling tool for publishing has decreased.

This chart compares the publishing time between product versions 19.0 SP4 and 2021x.

In this chart, you can see that updating Collaborator documents takes less time compared to the earlier versions of the product.

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  • Navigating large tables in Cameo Collaborator documents is now a lot easier because you can filter table content by a search phrase and sort data in table columns alphabetically and/or numerically.

  • Email notification templates have been redesigned and now have a completely new modern look. In addition, you can edit these templates to customize email notification appearance.

  • If you are new to working with custom document templates, check our new Cameo Collaborator Template Samples project wich you can find in your modeling tool installation directory. It provides different document template samples and gives step by step instructions on how to create them.
  • Now subscribing to email notifications is more convenient because you can do it right from the Resources application.

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