The following table explains the key differences between Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud and Cameo Collaborator for Alfresco:

AspectCameo Collaborator for AlfrescoCameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud

Licensing based on connection count (free, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, unlimited)++
Templates and customizations

Predefined templates for different domains: SysML, UPDM, UAF, UML, BPMN, Requirements++
Customization based on Views&Viewpoints modeling++
Portal view

Form factorsDesktop only
  • Desktop
  • Touch desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone (iOS & Android)
Model-like views++
Document-like views++
Search in a portal++
Sorting and filtering in table columns++
Saving images to the file system/opening images in new tabs++
Vector graphics-based diagrams-+

Native user support, LDAP integration++
Smart cards (e.g. CAC)-+
SAML-based authentication (e.g., we do support ForgeRock via SAML)-+
Mutual SSL support (no need to have smart cards, only public/private keys are necessary)-+
Single sign-on++

Textual commenting++
Graphical commenting++
Comment callouts in diagrams++
Comment sorting+-
Comment filtering by resolution status++
Comment filtering by author, subject, body, and priorityOnly by author+
Comment filtering by the scope+-
Anonymous commenting++
Comment export to Microsoft Word+-
Notifications via emails++
Subscriptions to receive emails once per day, week, or month+-
Dashboard/resource manager

Folders+One level folders only
Anonymous access to portals++
Automatic/nightly publishing of portals++
Infrastructure, scalability, and form factors

All data is stored inAlfrescoTeamwork Cloud
Can easily scale across many nodes-+
Does not require to maintain a separate database from the one where models are stored-+
Works with Teamwork Server+-
Works with Teamwork Cloud-+
Works with local MagicDraw files (models)+-