Released on: November 12, 2018

New capabilities
  • The hierarchy of named properties is now shown in a new tab.

  • Changing a Concept Modeling environment option now unlocks an experimental feature for importing OWL individuals as UML instances.

Usability improvements
  • More user-friendly menu options are available for creating a restricting property when dragging one property onto another and for removing the restriction when right-clicking a restricting property.

  • You can now remove specific subproperties by right-clicking a restricting property that has multiple subproperties and selecting Remove subproperty.

  • When opening a project, all usages of the {sufficient} constraint are automatically replaced with the conformant «Necessary & Sufficient» stereotype.

  • The default multiplicity is now 0..* when creating a UML property.

  • Modeling a UML property as a subsetting property that has 0 lower multiplicity and the «Anything» type now shows the warning message.
OWL export improvements
  • A UML multiplicity on a redefining property is now optimized for unqualified cardinality restrictions in OWL.
  • Sufficient conditions, e.g., the necessary and sufficient conditions of an anonymous subclass, are now exported.
OWL import improvement
  • A summary of changes to an existing concept model with details is now written as a separate log file.

Bug fixes
  • The minimum multiplicity is now correct when dragging a property to define a property restriction.
  • Importing a complex chain of restrictions no longer shares anonymous UML classes among multiple concept models.
  • Exporting a referenced element in a model that is not stereotyped as a «Model» or «Concept Model» and exporting an element with a blank IRI now halt with error messages.
  • Importing intersected cardinality restrictions on the same property now results in the cardinalities being applied to the same UML property.
  • Exporting a data type defined in a «Model» no longer maps into the XSD namespace.