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Foreign Namespaces

When a UML element does not share the same namespace as its owning «Model», it is now defined in the exported OWL.

Classes that are not directly owned by a package now results in an informative warning during export. The warning is similar to the following:

ERROR [com.nomagic.conceptmodeler.ui.i:160] - Unexpected error 
cannot be cast to org.semanticweb.owlapi.model.OWLClassExpression' occurred while trying to export

Multiple Equivalence Classes

Exporting a UML Class with multiple «Equivalent Class» relations now results in only one equivalent Class axiom per equivalent Class.

XML Namespaces

When exporting a concept model, CCM will now automatically retain and populate the XML Namespace in any case where an XML Namespace exists, even if you are not exporting the main file.

To export a concept model to an OWL ontology

  1. Right-click on your desired concept model in the Containment tree. Select Concept Modeling > Export to OWL.

  2. A dialog box will appear asking whether or not you want to freeze the elements' IRIs. This dialog will show only if there are elements with no IRI tagged value. 

    1. If you click No, the notification window will show this warning message:

    2. If you click Yes, the notification window will show you which elements IRIs were frozen.

  3. A progress bar will appear.
  4. A dialog will appear asking you to choose the folder in which you want to save the exported model.
  5. A Path Variables dialog will appear. The default path variable is <project.dir>\OWL. Choose Use Selected.
  6. Your concept model is now exported into the folder of your choice with the file extension of your choice. 

If you check the Remember my selection box, the above dialog will be suppressed the next time you open your project.

The exported OWL ontology file is saved in a folder named OWL. The OWL folder is created at the same location as the MagicDraw project file containing the concept model.

You can also suppress or unsuppress the offer to freeze IRIs when exporting your concept model to OWL through the Options tab.

To suppress or unsuppress the option to freeze IRIs through the Options tab

  1. Click Options>Project.

  2. Select General, then Concept Modeling.

  3. The Concept Modeling dialog will open. Select Freeze IRI when exporting OWL.
  4. You will be given three preferred options for freezing IRIs when exporting to OWL from which to choose. 

    a. Selecting Always freeze before export will silently set missing IRI values.
    b. Selecting Never freeze before export will not set missing IRI values.
    c. Selecting Ask will prompt you to select for every exporting package that has elements with missing IRI values.