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Cameo DataHub 2021x Documentation

A Component is a container under the project that you can use to organize artifacts. When connected with a DOORS Next Generation Data Source, DataHub lists Components under each project.  The main Data Source tree still displays artifacts from default Components. You can also open additional Components as another Data Source. From the Component Data Source, you can perform all DataHub operations like the main Data Source.

Components in DOORS Next Generation.

Components in DOORS Next Generation under the Easy Start Sample project in Cameo DataHub Explorer.

In the earlier versions of DataHub, DOORS NG Data Source showed artifacts only from default Components. However, DataHub in this version still shows artifacts along with dummy Components, thus DataHub work from previous versions will not be affected.

Dummy Components (in blue) shown with artifacts.

To open a Component as a new Data Source

  • Right-click any dummy Component (in blue) and choose Open component as data source. DataHub will create a new Data Source and show those artifacts. This Data Source will always be connected with the selected Component newly open.

The Open component as data source command to connect the Data Source to the selected Component newly open.

The newly created Data Source (highlighted) from the newly open Architecture Component.
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