DataHub is a fully functional plugin for MagicDraw®, IBM® Rational® DOORS®, IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation, CSV files, and HP Application Lifecycle Management projects. It allows you to work with the Requirement management tools mentioned above and provides three following main functions

  • Copy
  • Link
  • Synchronize

You can copy Requirement objects, link them to one another as well as system models, e.g., Use Case and SysML diagrams, create OSLC links, and synchronize the repositories. This chapter also explains OSLC support and how to use it with Cameo DataHub.

To use Cameo DataHub, make sure you have deployed it in your application. The DataHub plugin works with both local and Teamwork Server projects.


  • To load a MagicDraw® Teamwork Cloud project as a Data Source in DataHub, you must first log on to MagicDraw® Teamwork Cloud.
  • Only the Locked For Edit Teamwork Cloud project elements can perform DataHub functions, e.g., copying and creating OSLC links and queries or synchronizing data.