Elements in the source and the target data normally contain different sets of attributes. To have matching attributes when copying data across tools, you need to prepare custom attributes for the target types before copying data so that new custom attributes are available during data copying.

To prepare custom attributes for Requirement elements in MagicDraw®

  1. Create a new Stereotype, e.g., <<doors_attr>>.
  2. Add properties to <<doors_attr>>, e.g., Custom1 and Custom2. These properties are custom attributes.
  3. Create a Requirement element.
  4. Right-click the created Requirement element and select Stereotype.
  5. Search for <<doors_attr>> and select the stereotype. The custom data type is now ready for DataHub. This data type is available for you to select in the Copy Data dialog.

When you select this data type as the target type, the custom attributes, Custom1 and Custom2, are available.