The Copy Data with Sync operation has been enhanced. It no longer requires you to map the whole set of data before copying data. With the Copy Data with Sync operation, DataHub can exclude data types that you do not map when you select  as the target type and select the Exclude all unmapped nodes from DHLinks check box, and these nodes will not be copied. Alternatively, DataHub allows you to create the schema mapping for the selected nodes as Exclude by selecting the target type. You can also include the portion of data that has been excluded later.

To exclude a portion of data while copying with DHLink

  1. From the Operation drop-down list in DataHub Explorer, select Copy Data with Sync. The Copy Data with Sync dialog opens.
  2. Map the data types that you need to copy.
  3. Exclude nodes from being copied by doing one of the following

    • Selecting the  target type and the Exclude all unmapped nodes from DHLinks check box.
    • Selecting the target type.

  4. Click OK to start copying the data. The copied data are indicated with the  symbols, and the data which is not copied are indicated with the  symbols.

To include previously excluded data into a scope set

  1. Double-click a node marked with a symbol. The DH Links panel appears.
  2. Right-click the relation table and select Include Node.


When you synchronize data next time, DataHub will recognize it as a newly added node to the target side.