Cameo DataHub can also be installed from the source zip file of the plugin if you have downloaded it to your local file system.

To install DataHub from the plugin source zip file

  1. From the MagicDraw® main menu, click Help > Resource/Plugin Manager. The Resource/Plugin Manager dialog opens.
  2. Click to browse the local file system to locate the file.
  3. After importing DataHub, click to close the dialog.
  4. Restart MagicDraw®. The installation will be completed after MagicDraw® starts up.  


  • After the installation of DataHub, the DataHub menu items will not be enabled by default. They become enabled only when you open a new or existing project in MagicDraw®.
  • The Create OSLC query menu item is enabled after you add an IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation Data Source.