While copying data with synchronization from various Data Sources in DataHub, DataHub creates DHLinks for synchronization. As you work with more data, the DHLinks will accumulate within DataHub projects in the MagicDraw® Containment area. Even after some DHLinks have been deleted from DataHub Explorer, unused references still exist within MagicDraw project space. You can use the Remove non-use DHLink operation to remove these unused references from MagicDraw® projects. This feature of DataHub is accessible from the MagicDraw's DataHub main menu by clicking Tools > DataHubRemove non-use DHLink.

Removing non-use DHLinks though the MagicDraw main menu.

To remove a non-use DHLink

  1. From the MagicDraw Containment area, select the DataHub_Data_projectname folder.
  2. From the main menu, click Tools > DataHubRemove non-use DHLink. The result of the non-use DHLink removal displays.

    Clean Up DataHub Database results


If there are unused references or unused DHLinks, they will be deleted. Otherwise, a dialog box stating there is no unused DHLink opens.