Cameo Data Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

Cameo Data Modeler provides SQL Diagram, a specialized diagram for database modeling that enables you to create and depict various SQL elements. It is located under the Data Modeling diagram subgroup.

In addition to the main SQL diagram, there is a slightly modified diagram for Oracle databases, Oracle SQL Diagram. It is located under the same Data Modeling diagram subgroup. This diagram is only slightly modified. It has an additional diagram button for Materialized View modeling. Other than that, it is identical to the main SQL diagram. If you are not modeling materialized views, you can freely use the generic diagram type instead of the specialized one for Oracle modeling.

Crow’s Foot Notation in SQL Diagrams

Once you apply the Cameo Data Modeler plugin to MagicDraw, you can display the crow’s foot notation or use standard UML notation of associations (displaying multiplicities in text format) in the SQL diagram.

To display Multiplicities or crow’s foot notation in a SQL diagram

  1. Create the SQL diagram.
  2. Draw two tables.
  3. Create columns for the tables and some of them as primary keys.
  4. Connect the table elements with the Foreign Key relationship.
  5. Define Name, PK, and FK in the open Foreign Key dialog box.
  6. Open the Project Options dialog box.
  7. Select the General project options branch.
  8. Change the Show relationship ends as property to either No special notation or Crow’s feet. Multiplicities or crow’s foot notation in the following figures will then be displayed on the Foreign Key ends.

Multiplicities on a Foreign Key relationship in an SQL diagram.

Crow’s foot notation for a Foreign Key relationship in an SQL diagram.