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Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

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You can create relationships directly on the Requirement Diagram pane or in the Requirement Matrices such as Derive, Refine, Satisfy, or Verify.

Relating Requirements in the Requirement Diagram

To relate requirements on the Requirement Diagram pane

  1. Open an existing or create a new Requirement Diagram. How to create a new diagram >
  2. Represent requirements on the Requirement diagram.
  3. Select a relation type either from the diagram pane or the smart manipulator of the selected requirement shape on the diagram pane.
  4. Draw the selected relation from one requirement element to other.

Relating Requirements in the Requirement Matrices

To create a relation in the Requirement Matrices

  1. Create a corresponding matrix or open an existing one. How to create a matrix >
  2. In the intersection cell do one of the following:
    • Double click the intersection cell. The appropriate relation is created.
    • Right-click the intersection cell and, on the shortcut menu, and click the relation name.

    The relation is created.

    You can create more than one relation in the same cell.

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