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Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

A Copy relationship is a dependency between a supplier requirement (master) and a client requirement (slave), specifying that the client requirement text is a read-only copy of the supplier requirement text. In other words, by creating a Copy dependency between two Requirements, you copy the text property from the supplier to the client.

To create a Copy dependency between two requirements on the diagram
  1. On the diagram, select a client Requirement symbol (slave), a symbol you want to be a copy of the supplier Requirement (master). The smart manipulator appears.
  2. Select the Copy command as depicted in the preceding figure and connect the client Requirement to the supplier Requirement.
  3. The Copy path goes yellow because of violation of the rule Invalid Slave Requirement text meaning the text of the slave Requirement must be the same as of the master Requirement. Click the Copy path and, in the smart manipulator, select the Validation command.
  4. The list of suggested solvers appears. Select Copy text of the supplier requirement to the client requirement to create and sustain this dependency in your model correctly.

    Ignoring solver

    You may select other solvers but note:

    • Remove Copy dependency - removes the dependency from the diagram and the entire model.
    • Ignore - ignores the violation and the dependency is created and sustained in the model with the violation.