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Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

The Structure browser allows you to browse for deep nested structures of the structure classifier in your model. For example see the image below, the node: diameter : mm represents the property: diameter : mm of the classifier: Wheel and also the property: w : Wheel is the property of the classifier: WheelAssembly.

Structure tab
The Structure tab in the Model Browser.

Opening the Structure tab

To open the Structure tab

  1. From the main menu, select Window >Structure.

The property nodes, which are shown inside the property node (the parent property node), are the properties of the classifier that type the parent property node.


Display as Plain List option

The classifiers of structure in your model is normally displayed in a Package, Model, or Profile hierarchy. Use the Display as Plain List option to show all classifiers of the structure in the model in the same level without consideration of their owner. When you select the Display in Plain List option, the classifiers are sorted by their name.


To display elements in the Structure tree as plain list

  1. Click Options on the right of the Structure Browser.
  2. Select the Display as Plain List option.

Displaying classifiers as plain list

Displaying Inherited Structure option

The Structure tab can show the properties that are inherited from the generalization classifier.

To display inherited structures from the generalization classifier in the Structure tree

  1. Click Options on the right of the Structure Browser.
  2. Select the Show Inherited Structure option.

Displaying inherited properties

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