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Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer 2021x Documentation

You can use three predefined templates to create a project:

  • FMEA Project (Failure Mode Effects Analysis Project). Select this template if you need the reliability analysis only.
  • Safety and Reliability Analysis Project (FMEA Project included). Select this template if you need both - the FMEA and risk analysis.
  • ISO 26262 Project (Functional Safety Project). Select this template if you need to perform hazard analysis and risk assessment.

Templates contain predefined packages and diagrams to start creating your risk analysis model. Usually, design, FMEA, Risk/Hazard Analysis, Safety Requirements packages are created.

To create a project from a template

  1. Do one of the following:
      • From the File menu, select New Project.
      • On the main toolbar, click the New Project button.
      • Press Ctrl+N.
  2. When the New Project dialog opens, double-click the icon of the desired template under the Safety and Reliability Analysis group. The project template with predefined tables, samples, and resources opens.
  3. Type a project name, specify a project location, and click OK when you are done.

Structure of Safety and Reliability Analysis project template

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