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Cameo Simulation Toolkit 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

See Time series and Timeline together
Value changes can be shown in Timeline plot from now, by simply selecting value properties along with parts to be represented there.
That provides a better picture of what is going on in the system at particular time moment (what system was doing and how that impacts the value of interest).

Annotate Requirement and constraint failures in plots

Any constraint or requirement failure on select properties can be annotated using red background in plot now. Mouse over that region unveils more details in a tooltip.

Set "Annotate Failures" option in Time Series Chart configuration to use this new feature.

Running an instance with selected config

Instance table becomes even more powerful tool for design alternative evaluation with a new quick selection of predefined execution config.

Excluded Elements
The new option in Simulation Config allows to manage the scope of the model used for instantiation and simulation.  
For various of reasons user can "disable" or exclude Packages, Types, Behaviors, Parts, Ports, Connectors or States.
Creating "dummy" objects in Activities

One more addition for a better support of draft dummy Activity execution and animation.  If empty actions have typed output pins, CST would create dummy Objects of that type to simulate data token flow.

Connecting to an open Matlab workspace

Cameo Simulation Toolkit can connect to existing open Matlab workspace instead of starting a new one, if needed.

Just share it from Matlab side first, by running ">> matlab.engine.shareEngine

CST will be able to get access to any variables defined in that workspace, in addition to a SysML model context.

Current simulation time

The new option in Variables window allows to turn on simulation time label visible during entire execution.

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