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Cameo Simulation Toolkit 2021x Documentation

Cameo Simulation Toolkit uses Java Scripting API to evaluate scripting languages. It is a scripting language-independent framework that uses script engines from Java code.

Cameo Simulation Toolkit supports the following scripting languages

  • ECMLScript/JavaScript Nashorn (deprecated)
  • Beanshell
  • Groovy
  • Python
  • Ruby

Predefined variables in an Action script represent a set of variables defined by the script engine before a script evaluation is executed. You can refer to these predefined variables from any action script API.


$context$ or _context_

A context or runtime object of a current script evaluation.

$element$ or _element_

An owner element of the script.

$signal$ or _signal_

The last signal Instance in an Event pool of a specified object.

$state$ or _state_

An active State of a context or a runtime object of a current script evaluation.

$token$ or _token_

A token value of an active model element.

$session$ or _session_To get a running session from the script.

Equivalent to $context$ or _context_.

sig_ + "property name"

The specified property value of the last signal.

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