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Cameo Simulation Toolkit 2021x Refresh2 Documentation

With Cameo Simulation Toolkit, you can start executing an element using the following Open APIs

  • SimulationManager.execute(Element element) : SimulationSession
  • SimulationManager.execute(Element element, Boolean isMainSession, Boolean start) : SimulationSession

Once you use the aforementioned Open APIs, Cameo Simulation Toolkit creates corresponding simulation sessions. The conditions when using the Open APIs to execute an element are as follows

  • The specified element could be any executable element, such as a Class, a Behavior, or an simulation configuration element.
  • If the executed element is intended to be the main element of the execution, set the "isMainSession" flag to true. Then, the created session will become the main session of the execution. The main session is the first session created once the execution starts. If the main session is terminated, all executions will be terminated accordingly.
  • If the "start" flag is set to true, the created session will start itself automatically (similar to the 'autorun' option in an SimulationConfig).

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