The CSV Import plugin is designed to convert textual data into model elements and attributes. The correctness of your MagicDraw project depends on how accurately the elements have been mapped to their properties. Incorrect mapping might not result in errors but will always result in incorrect content. Successful mappings can be attributed to how you map the following elements correctly.

Key Property

The Key property specifies the unique key and ensures data uniqueness. Mostly this is mapped to name attribute. Thus, instead of creating duplicate elements, the existing element will get updated when you import data.

Owner Attribute

The Owner attribute can be mapped like any other attribute. If you do not map it, then the package you have selected to import into becomes the owner of the element you are creating. If you do map it, then the owner attribute specifies the owner and not the selected package.

Creating Relationships

When creating Relationships, the plugin will expect you to provide the source and target. This is expected, since relationships usually have two ends. To handle this the UI is slightly enhanced while importing Relationships, see the Mappings screen in subsequent sections. In addition to the regular Key Property option, there is an additional Identifier Key for Relation Ends option. Identifier key for Relation Ends has two radio buttons to let you choose either Name or Other property to apply to the ends of the relationship.

Identifier Key for Relation Ends options will appear on the Mappings screen only when you select any relation type as the target element type from the setup screen of the CSV Import wizard.