IDM [4]


The validation rule checks if:

  • A symbol is displayed without its element's Data Markings in the diagram.
  • The diagram contains multiple symbols displayed without their elements' Data Markings.

Elements (e.g. ports) and relationships whose names and/or types are displayed in labels have Data Markings added as prefixes in the labels. You can choose to either show or hide the labels via Symbol Properties. Hiding the label hides the added Data Marking, too, however, it does not remove the Data Markings from the element/relationship. A hidden label hides the added Data Markings and prompts the validation error.



Constrained Element



    • Show Name - once selected, the element name is displayed along with the added Data Markings.

      For some symbols you can also resolve the error by displaying the element type via Symbol Properties.


A diagram with a single port (on the left) and multiple ports (on the right) are displayed without the added Data Markings.
The error is resolved by displaying the name label with the added Data Markings via the Show Name solver.