Containment Markings are displayed on the parent element, indicating the owned elements' Data Markings. They are displayed in parentheses as postfixes next to the element name. You can easily update Containment Markings of either a single element or multiple ones of the same type (recursively) via the Data Markings & Classification shortcut menu. To work with Containment Markings, you will first need to specify the element types that can have the Containment Markings displayed.

If you make changes to the Element Types with Containment Markings option, make sure to update the Containment Markings of the project to see the changes.

Specifying element types with Containment Markings 

To specify element types with Containment Markings

  1. In the main menu, select Options > Project. The Project Options dialog opens.
  2. In the General group, select Data Markings
  3. Click the three dots button edit.png next to the Element Types with Containment Markings option.
  4. In the Select Element Type dialog, select the element types that should have Containment Markings displayed. Click OK.

    By default, the option is set to Classifier and Package.

  5. Click OK.